Why Hire a Coach?

Why Should You Hire A Running Coach?

While you can go online and search for free running plans, they are generic and not personal to you and your specific needs. What works for some, may not work for you.  What running plan works for one person, may not help another one bit. We are all different and have our own needs and goals.

If you're new to running, then standard basic online training plans may leave you more confused and frustrated or possibly even injured. Basic plans do however have their place of course. I offer some basic training plans for the more experienced runner who is just wanting a guide to go off of.  My basic plan's are even customized to you with specific paces for each workout which you won't find on most other coaches websites.  They're great when you're in a rut with your own running and offer something new and different and work for the runner just looking for a guide but is wanting to go it alone.

If you are wanting to give your running a jump start then this is where I come in.  As a RRCA certified running coach, I am trained to help my runners  meet THEIR personal, specific goals based on their individual needs and differences. I get to know you and your needs, goals, even limitations and set up a well-structured, individualized plan. 

Here is how a running coach can benefit you:

1. Help Getting Started
Not sure how many days a week to run, how many miles to run on those days, how to add on more mileage to a run or do speed work? 

A running coach will help you navigate the ins and outs of setting up workouts for you so that you get the most out of your workouts. 

A running coach will make sure that you don't increase your miles too rapidly, help you understand when and why to do certain types of speed work and different paced runs to better benefit you and help you become a stronger runner.

2. Individualized Plans
A running coach will set up a workout plan that is structured and that is specific to YOU and your individual needs, especially if you have any special circumstances like injury or illness or another circumstance that might occur.
A running coach holds you accountable: Having a running coach will keep you accountable and also help you learn to stick to a plan. 

3. Help Setting Realistic Goals (and Achieving Them)
Do you have a running goal in mind like finishing your first 5k, 10k,  1/2 marathon or marathon?  Do you have a goal to set a new PR?  Get that Boston Qualifying time or even the Olympics?  A running coach will help you define your goals, make sure that they are realistic, and then help you achieve those goals. 

4. Motivation and Encouragement
It can be hard to find the motivation to head out for a run. But when you have your own personal cheerleader on your side, it can make things a lot easier.  

5. Providing a Challenge
You're going out for a daily run, but are you just going through the motions? A running coach will provide you with an individualized plan that encourages you to challenge yourself. A proper plan will be challenging in order to help you grow, improve, and achieve your goals.

6. Monitoring of Progress 
A running coach will monitor your progress and make adjustments to your plans as needed to ensure success. 

7. Feedback
Wondering why you haven't been able to improve your running speed? A running coach can help you find those answers and provide useful feedback.

8. Learning Consistency
Have a plan but struggle to stick with it? Can't seem to find a consistent routine? A running coach can help you learn to prioritize your running schedule for a healthier lifestyle. A running coach can help you understand your own personal roadblocks and brainstorm ways to overcome them.

So, now you're thinking, "That's great Coach Mike, but I can barely afford the inflated gym membership let alone a running coach." I started Run Nerds Rock™  Personalized Coaching for Running & Endurance Training in order to help people achieve their running goals at an affordable price. How can people do that if they can't afford a running coach? 

This is why I offer online plan options (as well as in-person training sessions if you're local to Greencastle, IN or the surrounding area). This means you can still get the benefits of a running coach and the personalized training a running coach has to offer. You still get a completely customized plan that includes workouts, suggestions, feedback, progress tracking, motivation and encouragement, and support.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Coach Mike (aka Run Nerd) at runnerdsrock@gmail.com and let's get started.