Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top 10 Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Watch To Locate Satellite Signals

While headed out on my run this morning I had to wait a little longer than normal for my watch to locate satellite signal.  This got me thinking, what would be the right thing to do while waiting?  There are several things you can do while waiting for your watch to pick up satellite signals.

1.  You can pretend to be tying your shoelaces while you stare at your watch in anger.

2.  You can stare at your watch and look pissed.

3.  You can tap on your watch.  That might help to speed up the process.

4.  You can pace around in circles until it picks up signals.

5.   You can wave your arm around as if shaking it will help the sensors pick up the signals faster.

6.  You can jump up and down with your watch

7.  You can pretend to be on your phone while you wait.

8.  You can update your Facebook status as to how mad you are that you are waiting on your watch to pick up satellite signals and you aren't able to start your run yet which is taking away from the amount of time you will be able to have for your run so now in order to get in the same amount of miles you are going to have to run faster which is going to mess up your happy pace and throw your day completely off.

9.  You can stretch some more although you don't ever stretch and people are going to think that something is wrong if they see you stretching.


10.  You can stand on top your house and hold your arm as high in the air as possible because getting closer to the satellite is the best way to speed up the process.

Have any other fun ways to speed up the process.  Share them with us.
Ecard from I <3 To Run
Melissa trying to get her watch closer to the satellites.