Friday, May 30, 2014

Funny Questions Non-Runners Ask Runners

Do you ever have any of your non-running friends ask you questions where you just want to bust out laughing but you hold it in.  Maybe they are really serious and interested in running and learning more about the sport.  Your answer might help them get started so you try to stay positive.  Here are a few questions I've been asked or seen asked by non-runners.

1.  You pay how much for your running shoes?  You know you could get the same shoes at Wal-Mart for $10 and use the money you saved on race entry fees.

2.  So, how long was your marathon this weekend? Did you win it?

3.  How far is a 5K marathon?  Is it 5,000 miles or something? 

4.  Why are you wearing band aids on your nipples? Did you cut yourself?

5.  That watch you have looks like a computer.  Can you get on facebook with that thing?  Is that how you put your run on facebook, right from that watch?

6.  I heard you are running the Boston Marathon.  Will that be your first marathon? 

7.  I used to run in High School and ran a 2 minute mile.  Is that good?

8.  How do you keep from shitting your pants.  I know runners do that all the time.  Is that why they call it running, because you get the runs?

9.  What do you do when you have a heart attack during a race?  Do you keep going?  I heard running causes those.

10.  I thought runners are toothpicks.  You still look like you could lose some weight.

11.  You pay all that money for running shoes and they only last 2 months? The ones I get at Wal-Mart last for over a year.

12.  Why do you only paint some of your toenails black?

13.  I heard running is bad for your knees. How are you still able to walk when you run so much?

14.  Do you get chased a lot?  That's the only way I would run is if a bear was chasing me.

15.  You mean you get a medal "just for finishing?"  That sounds too easy.

16.   Why do you run that far?  Is your car broke?

17.  You "only" ran a half marathon?  Why did you quit half way through the race?

18.  You look like you have lost a lot of weight.  Have you been sick?

19.  Isn't running boring?  Wouldn't you like to do something fun?

20.  You ran in this weather?  So you mean to tell me you run when it rains, snows, is hot out, is cold?

What are some questions your non-running friends have ever asked you and how did you reply to it?