Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SPIbelt Endurance Series Review

There are so many different accessories out there for runners these days sometimes it is hard to find the right one.  I got a chance recently to try out the SPIbelt Endurance Series belt. I have had the original SPIbelt for a little over 2 years and still use it.  I have used it every day during my running
streak of 855 days including my 100 mile ultra marathon and it has held up well.  It has a pocket big enough to hold my Samsung Galaxy 4 smart phone and other items so I was really looking forward to trying the Endurance series that looks to be designed for runners.  Right out of the box it looks to be very well made offering a wider strap than the original version along with a place to attach your race bib and a place to hold 6 gel's which is more than enough for me during a marathon. The pocket can hold your phone, keys, credit cards, a wallet, or anything else you might want to store in it.

The SPIbelt Endurance Series belt has a few features that I think make it better than the original model for runners, including:
Top is the original SPIbelt.  Bottom is the Endurance version.
  • A water-resistant lined pocket
  • A wider elastic belt
  • Holsters for energy gels
  • Adjustable race bib toggles
The water-resistant lined pocket is great if you get caught up in the rain or snow which you all know I like to do.  It is also adds a nice protection from sweat.  I really liked the wider elastic belt as well.  I thought it offered more support.  I really like both belts because they never slip or move around when you are running which is very important.  I don't want to be fiddling around with something when I'm running and with the SPIbelt you don't even notice it's there. The holsters for energy gels are awesome.  I found it worked great with a handheld water bottle which I use quite often. Finally, there are the adjustable race bib toggles. The toggles offer 2 things.  One, you don't have to worry if you forgot to bring your safety pins for your race bib and two, no more holes from safety pins in your nice running gear.

If you are looking for a great running belt, this is a great belt worth considering.  I would highly recommend it.  The SPIbelt Endurance Series belt is a great belt. You can pick up the Endurance Series SPIbelt on SPIbelt’s website at in many different color options (blue on black, black on black, anthracite on black, or red on black) for $34.99.