Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't Let the Cold Winter Keep You From Running Outdoors

After my run this morning with the temps being -7 F (-22 C) I got a lot of questions on what to wear so I thought I would provide a post on what has worked for me for cold weather running.  Anyone else that runs in cold weather feel free to share what has or does work for you as well in order for us to get some good information out there to others that might help.

I always dress in layers for winter running.  Usually in temps less than 25 degrees I will wear for pants a pair of long compression pants and a 2nd pair of pants that repels water(it also helps with wind too).  For the top I wear a long sleeve compression top and a 2nd long sleeve top. 

My hat is just a stocking cap.

I usually just wear trail shoes especially when there is snow and ice.  For snow and ice you can buy a product called Yaktrax Pro that slips on the bottom of your shoes or you can also put screws in the bottom of your shoes to help grip the snow and ice called screw shoes.  

My socks are smart wool socks.  I live in those things and use them in the winter and summer months.  Keep my feet warm in the winter and they feel good in the summer as well and they dry out quickly. 

When it gets to 15 degrees or below I add face protection.  I use a face mask from Seirus.  You can find them in the ski section at Dick's Sporting Goods.  It works great, keeps your face warm and doesn't feel like it is suffocating you where you can't breath.   In the extreme cold you can also purchase some ski goggles to protect your eyes.

For gloves I usually wear 2 pairs of gloves but I can always wear another pair and this morning I wore 1 underneath my thick snow gloves but usually wear 2 thinner pair of gloves.

Key to running in the cold is to keep every part of your skin covered and not exposed to the elements.  This mornings run of -7 degrees I just added one more layer of pants and shirt so 3 layers of each total and was actually warm. 

Another tip I can offer is to do loops by your house of maybe 1-2 miles.  That way you are always close to home.  In snow and ice running I tend to shorten my stride more and it helps me to maintain my balance doing that.  What tips can you all offer that can help your fellow runners that you have found work for you?  Hope this helps and happy running!!