Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicago Half Marathon 2013

I ran this race last year and loved it!!  The scenery along the lake, the cool temperatures and a flat course made for a fantastic race last year.  I also set my half marathon PR here last year so I was looking for much of the same this year including a new PR. 

This year we still had the fantastic views but the temps were warm and muggy plus the wind made for some difficult conditi
ons but I was going to make the most of it.  My ultimate goal for this race was to break 1:30 (6:52 pace) but I couldn't complain if I got a new PR.  The warm weather was going to make it hard but that hadn't stopped me before and I was always up for the challenge.  I decided to run with the 1:30 pace group and lets just say they didn't do a very good job of staying on pace.  When they fell off pace then they would sprint to get caught back up instead of gradually picking it back up.  Not sure about you but I didn't sign up for Fartlek training in this race.  Maybe I marked my race entry wrong.

Mile 1 felt great with a 6:54 pace
Mile 2 6:47 pace
Mile 3 6:47 pace
Mile 4 6:46 pace
Mile 5 6:50 pace
Mile 6 6:49 pace
Mile 7 6:50 pace

after that I started to fall off a bit but overall pace was still right on goal.

Mile 8 7:07
Mile 9 7:06

at mile 10 I started falling back and couldn't get it back although I still had a chance at my PR.  I don't give up and I push as hard as I can for the entire race.

Mile 10 7:18
Mile 11 7:24
Mile 12 7:22
Mile 13 7:13
.1 mile  6:57

I broke several PR's in this race:

New PR's
10k-42:16 (6:49 pace)
15k-1:04:16 (6:55 pace)
10 miles-1:09:17 (6:56 pace)
Half Marathon-1:33:00 (7:06 pace)

The humidity made it to where I just couldn't hold that pace for the entire race and we did have a strong wind which took some out of me.  I still ended up setting a new PR of 1:33:00 beating my old PR by 29 seconds.  I ended up 288th out of almost 14,000 people which I am very happy with.  The fact that I broke my PR in those conditions definitely gives me hope that I will break that 1:30 mark in the near future.

I would highly recommend this race to anyone. Not too big but not too small either.  Flat course, great support, good crowds and beautiful views.

After the race Melissa and I got to meet up with a great group of ladies from the running pages Run with Jess, Trading in My Heels, 26.yikes, The Running Itch, and Too Tall Fritz.  I think the best part of the race was getting to meet all these awesome ladies who love to run as much as I do.

Remember, it's not always about how fast you go, or how many miles you go but you are out there getting it done and having fun doing it!!  Rock it!!

Mike-Run Nerds Rock!!