Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Running Miles for Boston

I was up for most of the night last night thinking.  Did this really just happen?  Why a marathon?  Why at all?  I am disgusted and heart broken all at the same time.  Why this pitiful and cower less act?  These are questions I have no answer for.  My heart is crying at the moment.  I'm filled with emotion.  3 people dead and over 100 wounded.  One of the dead an 8 year old boy that was there watching and cheering for his father in the race. That really hits home for me.  I have a family.  A wife and 3 daughters ages 11, 9, and 5 that I love more than anything.  They are the world to me. My running community is like my family.  When you hurt my running community it is like you are hurting my family.  Yesterday thousands of my family members were hurt and effected in a way that can never be undone.  You attack my family and you are attacking me!!

I started running on May 11, 2011 as a way to loose some weight.  I was overweight, not healthy and had higher blood pressure than I should have.  I finally got my butt up off the couch and decided to make a change to my life because I wanted to be there when my girls got older.  I want to be there to watch them grow up.  I want to grow old with my wife and be there to celebrate being married to her for 50 years one day.  I love my family and will always be there for them no matter what.

I will be running in my first ever 100 mile ultra on Saturday April 20th at the Indiana Trail 100.  I have trained for 6 months for this.  Every mile, all the hours, all the sweat, blood, tears will be dedicated to all my running family at Boston on that day.  I will get tired, I will feel pain but nothing can compare to the pain the people of Boston felt on that day.

When I complete the 100 miles this weekend I will have right at 1000 miles for the year.  That is the exact distance from my hometown to Boston, MA.  I see this as me running there to be with them.  Boston is a race I dream of running one day.  Now, more than ever.  I am running at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November and I will qualify for Boston there.  You people responsible think this has scared us away?  It only makes me want to run it now more than ever.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 3:14.  My prize is to finish the 100 miles for all those in Boston that day.  All my running family, I am running for you!

I will be wearing this on my back on Saturday when I run my 100 miles in honor of Boston.