Saturday, March 23, 2013

Epic running day

Running up the BIG Hill!!  Flying with both feet off the ground!
Today I did a training run on the same course I will be trying to do 100 miles at on April 20th.  I did 2 loops for right at 33 miles there today.  Come April I will have to do 6 loops in under 30 hours to finish.  I got done with my 33 miles and decided I would tack on a few more miles.  I ran 7 more miles with my wife Melissa after I was done to give me 40 miles total today.  Ran it in 7 hours and 45 minutes or a 11:37 per mile pace.  Surprised at how good I feel tonight.  Not too sore.  Feeling more confident about the 100 miler in April.  It is definitely going to test my limits come April but I have been training hard and that is all I can do.  Hopefully the training will pay off come April 20th!!  Today's run put me at 731 miles for the year or and average of 8.9 miles per day.  Good start to beat my goal to run 2500 miles this year.  My running streak is still going strong.  Today was 486 days in a row without missing a day of running.