Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kristie's Amazing Journey

Check out Kristie's truly inspirational story!!

Before 335lbs...Work in Progress 237lbs. I have always been overweight since Junior High School. That's when school lunches were out, and junk food was in. I continued eating junk for for lunch everyday all the way through High School. I graduated weighing somewhere in the 285 range. Twenty years of up and down 50 lbs, I was finally ready for a change. I have tried and failed at most diets out there, never could stick to something that was the right fit for me. I never was a fan of exercise either back in those days...So what has changed now? I started eating healthy, stopped drinking my calories, and I got involved with people who are on a healthy path as well. Joined a fitness group, started to go back to the gym I had been paying 5 years for now and stopped going after baby #3, and I made myself a priority for a change. I have made myself accountable, put myself out there on facebook, challenged myself and others to get out there and get moving. I joined myfitnesspal and runkeeper. I set goals, started walking, doing 5k's, and then on to the gym. It has been 9 months exactly today I started my new healthy lifestyle, not a diet, not a fad, no pills, no weight loss surgery, but just being conscience of what goes in my mouth, and how much my body needs to move to burn those calories. I am not where I want to be yet, but so far from where I was and never will be again.

Kristie Cox, IBCLC

In the above picture Kristie is now down 100 lbs and looking awesome my friend!!  Keep up the great work Kristie!!  We are all so proud of you!!  You rock!!