Monday, January 14, 2013

Goofier than Goofy Challenge

Well, with the Half Marathon and Marathon going on at Disney this past weekend I thought to myself what I could do.  I wasn't going to be able to do the Marathon there this weekend but one day hope to be able to do the Goofy Challenge there.  That is where you run a half marathon on Saturday and a Marathon on Sunday.  Why couldn't I just do my own Goofy Challenge right here at home.  After all, I am training to run a 100 mile Ultra in April at the Indiana Trail 100.  I'm sure I could incorporate it into my training plans for the Ultra.

I started off the week with my normal 5 mile recovery run on Monday followed by a faster 6 mile run on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I decided to do another faster 5 mile run in the morning and then double up in the evening with another 5 mile group run.  By this time I am thinking to myself that I've got a really good mileage week going this week.  Thursday I ran 10 miles.  Friday comes and the temp's are in the 60's!!  60 in January is basically unheard of so I took advantage on what was supposed to just be a 1 mile day by running 13.2 miles.  My plan had called for me running 13 miles on Saturday.  I met up with Christina on Saturday and she ran 5.5 miles with me.  I felt so good on Saturday I ended up doing 15 miles.  Sunday was calling for me to do 25 miles.  The goal in my Ultra training is to run on tired legs.  Instead of running a 40 or 50 mile run in one day you do a longer run on Saturday and an even longer run on Sunday.  This way your recovery is much faster than if you went out and ran 50 miles in one day.  You are still getting the benefit of running on tired legs with less recovery time.  I thought to myself as I was running.  All those people are running in Disney with some doing the Goofy Challenge why not do my own challenge.  I'd call mine the Goofier than Goofy Challenge. What was 1 more mile.  After all I had been upping my mileage all week anyway.  I finished my run on Sunday running 26.4 miles in right at 4 hours 30 minutes.  It was ice cold rain for the entire run.  Not bad considering the mileage I had put in the previous 3 days.

So I finished off my Goofy Challenge.  I had a record week for mileage with 85 miles for the week.  The only cost to my challenge was a bottle of Gatorade.  So now who's the Goofy one?  Probably still me.