Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012, What an Awesome Year!!

May 2011 to the beginning of 2012
Well, where do I start.  When I set out in 2012 my goal was to run 2012 miles in 2012, run my first full marathon, and to run 12 half marathons in 2012.  The running 2012 miles goal I accomplished logging 2028 miles in 2012.  The running 12 half marathons in 2012 I did not.  However I accomplished far more than running 12 half marathons in 2012.  It really started to click with my first full marathon at the Go! St. Louis Marathon in April.  From that point my goal of running 12 half marathons in 2012 needed to be changed.  Most of the half marathons I had planned on running in 2012 were being changed to full marathons.  I don't know if it was a sense of accomplishment after that first marathon or craziness but I just needed to run the longer distances.  It all clicked after running my first full marathon.  Although I did not get my goal time at my first marathon of running it under 4 hours (did it in 4:18) that accomplishment knowing I was now a marathon runner was enough to leave me wanting more. 

My first Ultra Marathon 55.5 miles
More is what I wanted and more is what I did.  I ended up running 8 half marathons, 5 full marathons(3 of them in 5 weeks) and 3 ultra marathons in 2012.  I barely even knew what a marathon was when I started the year let alone an ultra marathon.  My first ultra was run with me deciding just 2 weeks before the race that I was going to do it.  I hadn't even trained for it.  I had only ran a couple of marathons to this point.  It was a 55.5 mile ultra.  It was actually a relay but I decided to run the whole thing myself.  I had 12 hours to complete it and finished it in 11:39.  That was the point where I could call the marathon a short distance??  Just crazy.  That's what a lot of my friends thought of this too.  Crazy.  Well, they were right.  I was crazy about running.  My friends were very supportive too and my #1 supporter was and is my wife Melissa.  I could never do any of this without her love and support and putting up with me having to run all the time. 

It was running that allowed me to loose 60 lbs.  I started running in May of 2011 barely able to run a mile.  I started out at 235 lbs, the pounds started to come off and before long I was 175 lbs and weighing what I did in High School.  Maybe that was and still is a lot of the reason I run all the time.  I set several PR's this year as well.  I set my PR in the 5k where I ran under 20 minutes for the first time. I ran it in 19:28, ran another 5k in 19:29, and then tied my PR with a 19:28 later in the year.  I set a PR in the 10k with a 42:19, set my PR in the Half Marathon with a 1:33, and blasted my PR in the Marathon at the Columbus Marathon by taking 29 minutes off my previous PR with a 3:39:09.
First Century Ride with Christina

I also started getting into cycling in 2012.  Something I never thought I would do.  I did my first century ride and rode in my first cyclocross race.  Lets just say it is awesome!!  Definitely looking forward to some more time on the bike in 2013.

One of my biggest accomplishments of 2012 was my running streak that is still going some 400+ days in a row without missing a day of running.  It all started on November 23, 2011 as part of the runners world challenge.  Run at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I did that and just kept it going.  I ran for 1 year without missing a day and actually ran every day in 2012 at least 1 mile outside even after a 55.5 mile race I still managed to get my run in the next day.

What are my goals for 2013 you might ask?  To complete my first 100 mile ultra.  To compete in my first team duathalon with my buddy Christina, to run a half marathon in under 1:30, and to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in Novemb

The best part of 2012:  Meeting some of the most awesome and amazing friends anyone could ever ask for.  Thanks for all your support in 2012!!  Here's to an awesome 2013.  You thought 2012 was awesome, you ain't seen nothing yet!!  Look out 2013!!  Marathon Man Mike is on the loose!!

Tom came to see me do my first Ultra Marathon
Competing in my first cyclocross race

Giving Melissa a big wet kiss

Katie, Becky and I after the Howl 8 hour Ultra

I'm ready for the Cupcake run!!

Greencastle Running and Fitness Club Members at the Rokicki 5k

Eagle Creek Winter Trail 1/2 Marathon

Becky, Katie, and I before the Eagle Creek Winter 1/2 Marathon

Valentines Day Virtual 1/2 Marathon

1 year running streak and still going.  Check out the cool shirt!!

Christina came to see me run in my first Ultra

Having fun at the Indy Mini Marathon

Hanging with the man!!  Dean Karnazes

Gettin Muddy!!

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.  3rd Marathon in 5 weeks.

I'm flying.  Both feet off the ground!!

Tom riding with me while I did my first 55.5 mile Ultra marathon

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

Greencastle Running and Fitness Club Members at the Indy Mini

Christina riding with me in my first 55.5 mile Ultra Marathon

Early morning 4:30 am training run with Christina, Katie, and Jeff

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.  Lots of 1st time marathoners here.

Indy Mini with Katie, Christina, and Melissa

Huff 50k.  Fun in the snow!!

Me pacing at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

My first marathon at the Go! St. Louis

Melissa and I at the Chicago 13.1
Great way to kick off 2013 with a 5k.  Brother in Law Tom took 1st overall male.

John and I at the Santa Hustle.  This was John's 1st Half Marathon.