Monday, November 5, 2012

Discipline, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Effort

Coach John Fallis finishing up his Boston Qualifying Marathon
Discipline, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Effort.  Four words and four fingers we used to hold up right before the 4th quarter of our football game in high school.  Those 4 fingers stood for those four words that I will never forget.  Taught to me by a Coach I will never forget.  It has been over 20 years since I played football for Coach John Fallis but I have carried those 4 words with me my entire life since High School.  I am not a quitter, I don't give up.  I think it is that dedication and determination that Coach Fallis instilled in me when I played football for him that makes me the runner I am today.  I think of those 4 words when I get tired on a run and think to myself, I'm not giving up!!  Well, on Saturday, that man lived by what he taught us then and it was his day to shine!!  Coach John Fallis ran his first ever full marathon at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday November 3rd.  His goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Well, not only did he get his qualifying time of 4 hours and 10 minutes but he destroyed it!!  Coach, in his first ever marathon at 67 years old went out and ran a 3 hour and 40 minute marathon!!!  The heart and shear determination of that man is amazing.  What an unbelievable time.  To beat your Boston Qualifying time by 30 minutes is incredible!!!  Awesome job Coach, can't wait to see you run in Boston.

Melissa and Sly after their first full marathon.  Rock stars!!
I think that Discipline, Commitment, Enthusiasm and Effort rubbed off on the rest of us on Saturday because it was truly and Epic day for the rest of the Greencastle Gang as well.  We had several first time marathon runners from Greencastle on this day.  One being my wife Melissa and her buddy Sly.  When Melissa told me she wanted to run a marathon I was very excited for her.  I knew the time and commitment it takes to run a marathon and to train for it but I completely supported it.  She has always supported me in all my running adventures.  Well her hard work and dedication paid off.  Her and Sly rocked out their first marathon with a time of 5 hours and 16 minutes!!  Very proud of you girls.  You are rock stars!!

Several other first time marathoners in our group were Danielle, Drew, Chris and Darrell.  You all rocked it!!  Becky completed her 2nd full marathon (she's also ran an ultra) and Rob completed his 5th.

Jamie completed his first half marathon and Penny has done so many half marathons this year I have lost track.  I think more that me.  You guys rock.  We also had lots of 5k runners in the mix as well with all of them having awesome times!!  I'm proud of you all!!!!

Beau and I after Beau's first marathon.
I ran the day with Beau which was another first time marathoner.  We stayed together for virtually the entire run.  It was nice having someone to be able to talk to for an entire race.  I have never had that in a race and I think it helped us keep each other motivated.  I think I might have persuaded him at the end to end up running this race.  Funny thing about it was that the longest run that Beau had ever run before this point was 15 miles.  We had a pretty good and consistent pace throughout the day with only 1 mile being in the 9's.  Every other mile was in the 8's.  By far the most consistent marathon I have ever ran.  I kept telling him that every step he took after that 15 mile mark was a new PR for him.  Beau did amazing.  The marathon is a mental game and he definitely won that battle.  Beau finished in 3 hours and 51 minutes just 2 minutes behind me.  Simply amazing, especially for someone who had never ran any further than 15 miles before.  I finished in 3:49.  My 3rd marathon in the last 5 weeks.  My second one in a row under 4 hours and my second fastest marathon ever.  Also my 7th marathon this year.  Not bad for someone who only wanted to run 1 marathon before I turned 40.  Well, I'm still not 40 and I have 2 more marathons scheduled to run before then.

This day was filled with first marathoners, new PR's, Boston Qualifer, and Epic moments that will never be forgotten.  Discipline, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Effort.  They are still the keys to success and always will be.

Beau and I after the race.
Beau, Superwoman half marathoner Penny and I.

Gump with his Jenny

Greencastle Running and Fitness Club

Hanging out after the race and still smiling

5k rock stars!!

Melissa and I after the Marathon
Sly, Becky and Melissa sporting team sparkle skirts

Beau, Becky and Chris

Oh, yea.  We bad A$$

5k Rock stars before the race!!
Corey and Susan.  You guys are awesome!!