Monday, October 29, 2012

Run Forrest Run!!

Side by side comparison of me and the original Forrest Gump.
Halloween Fun Run was at Robe Ann Park this past Saturday.  It was hosted by the Greencastle Running and Fitness Club and the American Cancer Society.  We had a record turnout for the event of approximately 257 people that participated and over $1000 was raised for the American Cancer Society.

My super wife and super mom Melissa
You got to dress up in your best Halloween Costumes and what else was I going to dress up as than Forrest Gump.  Everyone always tells me that I run like Forrest so why not dress like him too.  My wife Melissa dressed up as Super Mom because that's what she is.  She is a super mom and an super wife.  Without her support I would never be able to run or bike as much as I do.  She puts up with a lot from me being so obsessed with running and I know she just wants to give me a swift kick in the butt sometimes but she has always been so supportive.

Melissa is running in her first Marathon this coming Saturday at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon and I will be lucky enough to witness it first hand.  I wouldn't miss it for the world.  She actually texted me the other day and said she was thinking about it.  Hahaha, I've converted her into a running freak too. 

Dani and I after the race.  She was 3rd female and I was 3rd male.
Well, I ended up finishing 3rd overall at the fun run.  Forrest got beat out by 2 young studs on the cross country team.  Not bad for them being more than half my age.  I never lost sight of them throughout the entire race.  I had my fastest time ever on that course and my 2nd fastest 5k time ever.  Not bad for running in dress clothes.  Finished with a time of 20:30.  It was a great day!!
Becky and Dani after the race.