Friday, October 5, 2012

A pacing we will go!!

Well, it is almost that time.  The time I have been looking for for quite a while now.  The time where I have committed to push my body and see how I recover.  I am going to be running 3 full marathons in the next 6 weeks.  That's not including a 5k race and my first cyclocross race.  Interested to see how my body holds up.  I've always been able to recover quickly after my races.  After my last Ultra in which I ran 43 miles I went out the next week and put in 70 hard miles. 

The first race in the 6 week stretch is this Sunday.  I am headed to the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon where I will be a pace leader.  My first time doing this.  You know those guys that hold up the signs that basically say follow me!!  Yea, I'll be holding up the 4:30 pace sign.  Follow my sign to finish in just right under 4:30 as long as everything goes to plan.  To say I was nervous about it would be an understatement.  I hope to just not trip the first mile in and I should be good.  4 hours and 30 minutes of something I love to do, RUN!!  That puts it at a 10:18 per mile pace.  A lot slower than I'm used to doing.  I'm usually around a 7:30 pace.  Had some good practice this week.  I did the last 10 miles with Melissa as she finished up 18 miles and we manitained a really good, consistant pace.  The other night I ran 3 miles with Christina which we did at a 10:17 pace.  I'd say we nailed it there.  The hardest part is getting that feeling of going slower.  Once I did and saw what it felt like it felt great.  Hopefully I will be able to get in a nice groove and maintain it for the whole race.

Weather shouldn't be an issue although it will be quite cold from what I've been used to, they are calling for 32 degrees at race start.  Hello, what happened to 100 degree temps we had just a couple months back  I'm not complaining or anything but it was just like 100 degrees one day then 30 the next.  That's Indiana weather for you.  Probably be 100 again next week. 

Columbus Marathon is 2 weeks after that.  Columbus is my big marathon.  I haven't ran a Marathon since May.  I've done 2 Ultra's since then but no full marathons since May.  My plan for that race is to take 30 minutes off my PR!!  Yes, I know, that seems like a crazy amount of time to take off it but when my 20 + mile training runs have been about a minute per mile faster than my marathon PR pace you have got to have some confidence.  Also both of my previous marathons were ran on 90 + degree days and did I mention on of them had 2400 ft of elevation.  Like I said.  I havent had any Marathons since May but 2 ultra's.  A 55.5 mile Ultra and a 8 hour timed ultra which I did a little over 43 miles in.  26.2 should seem like a stroll in the park, right?  right?  Wrong!!  26.2 is a long distance and anything can happen.  I am really looking forward to the next 6 weeks and do what I love to do.  Just RUN!!  Should be an epic weekend!!