Sunday, September 9, 2012

PR for you, PR for me!!

Ran in the Chicago Half Marathon today.  This was Melissa and I's 3rd Half Marathon in Chicago this year.  We love this place.  What an amazing day.  Got up this morning and couldn't have asked for better race weather.  56 degrees at race start and was only supposed to be a high of 70 today.  I can't remember the last time I got to run a race in that type of weather.  Let's just say I was very excited about my chances.  I was actually freezing waiting on the race to start.  The only thing I was a little concerned about was the wind.  Winds of 15 mph might slow me down but I was still liking my chances to have a good time.

I went into this race with a goal in mind.  To beat my PR.  My PR was 1:37:31 at the Chicago Rock n Roll back in July.  My real goal in the back of my mind was to run in 1:35 of less.  I started off the race strong, in fact I thought maybe too strong.  I set a new PR for the 5k but it felt pretty good so I kept pushing, bam, new PR for the 10k.  This is nuts, I was still feeling strong.  I was actually ahead of the 1:30 pace group at this point.  I had always dreamed of running a Half Marathon in under 1:30.  Could this be the day??  Through 9 miles and I am still with the 1:30 pace group.  At about mile 10 I started to tire a little as I slowly saw the 1:30 pace group slip away however I still had a chance for a great time.  My goal of 1:35 was still within reach.  Stay focused and do this!!  Through 10 miles I was still averaging a 6:58 pace!!  My worst 2 miles were miles 11 and 12.  Both were a 7:32 pace.  Still nothing to frown about.  Finished the race with a time of 1:33:29.  7:07 per mile pace. New PR by 4 minutes!!  Can't believe I pulled that kind of time off.  Next goal for the Half Marathon will be to go under 1:30.  I know I can do it and today's race gave me the confidence I needed.

Now on to my awesome wife Melissa.  She ran the Women's Half last weekend and was very disappointed with her time.  This week was the time for redemption, to put that race behind her and move on.  Boy did she ever. She looked strong at the end and pushed hard.  I was almost in tears when I saw her coming to the finish line right behind the 2:20 pace group.  She killed her PR by 8 minutes finishing in 2:21:45!!  10:48 pace!!  Amazing.  I am so proud of her!!  See honey, you are fast!!  You are awesome.  I love you!!

I also got a special treat after the race.  I finally got to meet the awesome Amanda TooTall Fritz.  Check out her blog.  She has an awesome running blog and is a good friend of Melissa's.

Just an awesome day.  We love Chicago!!