Monday, September 3, 2012

10K Greatness

So, today was the day of the North Salem 10K race.  I have done 5K's, 4 milers, 1/2 Marathon's, Marathon's, and Ultra Marathon's but never a 10K race.  I felt at this distance I could still push hard without having to worry about dying at the end.  A good middle distance run was just what I needed to get my confidence built back up on my speed.  I have been pushing the pace pretty aggressively lately hoping I can have another PR in the Half Marathon in Chicago next Sunday.  This was a tune up race for that.  My goal in this race was to have a finishing pace under 7 minutes per mile.  There was a 5K and a 10K and both were happening at the same time.  I thought by doing this I might try to go out too fast trying to stay up with the 5K runners.  Well I started just how I thought I probably would.  Tried to stay up with the 5k runners and I actually did till they had to turn back around and I continued running.  I was at the top 5 in the 5k field.  I kept going as they made the turn around.  I felt starting off that fast I might be in trouble but I never felt like I was throughout the entire run.  My worst mile was at mile 4 which was a 7:04 pace.  All the rest of my miles were in the 6's.  6:43 per mile at the beginning then 6:50's the rest of the way.  In fact, that is how I finished the race.  Ran the 10K (6.2 miles) in 42:19 for a 6:50 per mile pace.  I finished 1st in my age group, 2nd overall men, and 3rd overall.  I really feel like I could have maintained that pace for at least 10 miles.  I felt that good at the end.  Test run for my Half Marathon in Chicago on Sunday and I have set my goal at 1:35 which would beat my PR from last month by 2 minutes.

I wasn't the only one in our group that did well today.  My running buddies Danielle and Becky ran the 10k and also placed 1st in their age groups.  Rob and Penny ran the 5k and finished 2nd in their age groups.  Awesome job everyone.  Greencastle was well represented today!!