Friday, July 13, 2012

J's Bike Team Rocks!!

All I can say is WOW!!  Went cycling tonight in Terre Haute for the first time.  Got to meet a lot of the guys on the J's Bike Racing Team!!  Like I said, WOW!!  I was looking for a good workout and got it.  Actually workout is an understatement.  I could use the word massacare.  That would fit more appropriately in this situation.  Started off on a normal route they usualy take.  It's around 28 miles.  Warm up for the first few miles.  Well their warm up was my top speed.  I hung with them for the first 4-5 miles(their warm up) or so and then they got serious.  It wasn't long till I saw little specks of green jerseys in the far distance then nothing at all.  Those guys are like well oiled machines.  While I was with them for the first few miles I got this major adrenaline rush.  All that speed and such an awesome group that I had no business trying to even attempt to ride with yet it really got my heart going.  It was pretty awesome.  A feeling I thought I could only get from running.  I discovered it on the bike tonight with those guys.  I saw why they like cycling as much as I like running. It was an amazing feeling.  Got the A$$ kickin I was looking for and discovered a new found respect for cycling.  I got dropped after just a few miles in.  I got lost and was out on my own but still managed my 2nd best ride yet.  32 miles(told you I got lost) with a 18.8 average.  I was over 21 average till I got lost.  I had an awesome time and can't wait to go back for more punishment!!  Next time I won't get lost and maybe I can hang on for 5 miles. Probably not, but I can always hope.  Thanks for letting me into your world for the night.