Monday, July 2, 2012

Cycling Rocks-Needed the Pope to Give Me Strength

Well, I know it's been a while since I wrote anything on here.  Done a few things since my last post.  Ran another marathon, ran a half marathon, will get to be a marathon race pacer for the first time in an upcoming marathon in Milwaukee, WI in October and oh yea, ran my first Ultra Marathon(55.5 miles) at the Hendricks Co Park 2 Park.  Now that you're up to speed I wanted to tell you about something else I have started to pick up on.  Cycling.  Yes that's right!!  This run nerd got his first road bike a couple weeks back and I have started to get into cycling.  I hope next year I can comptete in a Triathalon but we shall see.

Picked up a great deal on my bike on E-Bay.  Even has my name all over it.  Yep, It's a Scott all carbon road bike.  I'm sure the bike is fast.  The rider needs to get faster.  My first ride out I went out with my buddy Christina.  She was the awesome cycling chic that kicked butt at the Indy Mini.  Went out for 53 miles my first time out and I felt good although she really took it easy on me then.  Had another ride of about 20 miles with my brother in law Tom.  That guy is a machine.

Last night I went out with Christina, Erin, and The Pope John Paul.  I told them I wanted to be pushed and for them to kick my butt.  That is exactly what they did.  We set out to do a 50 miler or half century, whatever you want to call it.  Maybe you could call it brutality!! We hit a strong headwind for a good portion of the ride.  I was trying to hang in there, pushing as fast as my legs could go. Christina, Erin, and The Pope didn't even look like they were breaking a sweat while I was dying.  Legs sore, shoulders sore and butt sore.  I kept going and pushing.  The girls got way ahead of me.  I know, I was getting chicked again.  This time on the bike.  The Pope stayed back with me.  I needed the strength.  Now the girls were a distant blur.  They were getting stronger and I was getting weaker.  I got to the end of the ride and really pushed hard.  Actually got my top speed of 30.8 mph.  I don't even drive that fast. Overall a great ride.  I really liked being able to go fast(well, slow in my case).  Averaged 16.5 mph for 51 miles.  Thanks Christina, Erin, and The Pope for kicking my butt.  It's just what this Run Nerd needed!!