Saturday, June 2, 2012

PR's For Everyone!!

Ran in the Covington 5k race today.  I was really looking forward to this run.  Got to run with run with some old friends from High School.  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather in this one. It was 50 degrees at race start.  I was told that this was a nice flat course as well and that it was.  Not many hills in this race.  The course consisted of park like paved trails.  Perfect to try and obtain my goal since I seriously got into running.  My goal time was to run a 5k in under 20 minutes.  My best 5k time ever was at Susan G Komen back in April when I ran it in 20:46.  I started off strong, determined to run this one under 20 minutes.  First mile in and had a 6 minutes per mile.  I was ahead of my goal and excited.  I could tell I was starting to tire a little bit and it showed on the second mile as I ran that mile at a 6:30 pace.  I knew for the last mile it would have to be strong if I was going to finish under 20 minutes.  I'm sorry but nothing was stopping me from obtaining my goal of under 20 minutes for a 5k.  I pushed the last mile and ran it at a 6:12 pace.  Finished the 5k in 19:28.  A new PR by over 1 minute.  I couldn't believe the time!!  Finally, under 20 minutes.  Finished 9th overall out of 302 runners and 2nd in my age group. 

I wasn't the only one that had PR's today.  Everyone from my running group that went to this race had a new PR for the 5k!!  Unbelievable!!  Melissa had a PR of 27:28 giving her a new PR by 1 second!!  Awesome!!  A PR is a PR no matter by how much and what the time.  Corey, Chris, Chrissy all had PR's as well.  Chris and Chrissy's boys got to run in the race as well.  Great job guys.

Jerrad ran in his first 5k race since High School(23 years ago).  What a comeback!!  His goal was to run in under 30 minutes for his first race back.  I had predicted he would do it in 27 minutes.  We were both wrong!!  He killed it!!  Time was 25:16!!  That is amazing.  Awesome time Jerrad.  I am so very proud of you!!  You could tell by the expression on his face he was excited.  Amazing accomplishment buddy.

Katie wouldn't be outdone either.  She had a new PR by 3 minutes.  Time of 20:16.  Yep, I beat her in this one but she runs fast for a girl.  :-)  Awesome job bud.  She also placed 1st overall for women.

Finally my 8 year old daughter Allison got to run the kids fun run.  She placed 2nd overall.  So proud of her and looking forward to her running in Cross Country this year. She did awesome. 

What a great day.  I would suggest this race to anyone.  It was very well organized and will definitely be putting it on my race calendar for next year.  Great job everyone.  I am proud of you all!!