Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Squirrels, and Skunks, and Nuts Oh My!!

Katie and I headed out for another early bird run this morning.  Just a short 5 miles as we taper for the Indy Mini Marathon this Saturday.  Didn't know a short 5 miles would turn into such an adventure.

We were planning on going at about a 8:15 pace as Katie suggested (although her 8:15 pace and my 8:15 pace always seem to be different).  First mile in and we were at an 8:02 pace.  Not too bad.  Needed to slow it down just a bit.  As we make the corner on our usual route I hear Katie yell!!  I wonder what's the matter so I look over and she says, "I just ran by a skunk!!"  I look back and sure enough there is a skunk there.  Not really the kind of deodorant we would have liked to wear that morning.  Having looked back I took my eyes off the road in front of me.  Not more than 5 seconds later Katie is yelling again.  "Look out, Squirrel!!"  I look down and see the roadkill laying in the road just in time to leap over it.  Thanks for the heads up Katie or you would have had squirrel guts on ya!!

As we continue to mile 2.5 we run under a tree and I feel something hard fall out of the tree.  It was a nut!!  Guess that was the roadkill squirrels way of getting back at someone.  He lost his nuts.  Oh well, we had a run to finish.  Halfway done and going strong despite all the obstacle's and hurdles.  Despite all this we were now under an 8 minute mile.  Thanks for going slow Katie.  I don't think she knows the meaning of a slow easy run.  Mile 4 and 5 were even stronger and we finished the 5.1 mile run at a 7:50 pace.  Told you her idea of a 8:15 pace and my idea of a 8:15 pace are totally different. 

As we start to taper this week for the Indy Mini on Saturday we realize that you have to be prepared for all conditions for a run.  You never know what race day is going to bring.  Heat, cold, rain, snow, hail.  We've trained in all of that.  Now you can add Skunks, Squirrels, and Nuts to the list.  We'll be ready if we have to outrun a skunk or hurdle a squirrel.  We're RUN NERDS, the biggest nuts of them all.  RUN NERDS ROCK!!

Mike and Katie