Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She's Back!!

Planned for another early bird run this morning.  Was looking at only doing about 3 miles as I continued to taper for this weekend's 1/2 marathon.  Katie wasn't going to be able to run this morning so I thought I might have to go solo again.  It's ok, I've done it several times before.  When Katie and I started training together we had another buddy of ours that always liked to go on the really early, early bird runs with us.  That's Christina.  We ran with Christina the first time several months back with her goal to run a 1/2 marathon.  Our first run together was a 3 miler.  I knew from the start she was gonna be good.  Every run from then I could tell she was enjoying it more and more every time we went out together.  She is very determined and when she sets her mind to something, she gets it done!!

Christina rolled her ankle a couple weeks back and hadn't been able to run with us since then.  She had been training to run in her first 1/2 Marathon.  Her training was going well and she was making awesome improvements on her running.  Her speed was continuing to improve as well as she followed her training plan.  She had run her longest run ever with Katie and I right before her ankle injury, an 11 miler.  Christina does Cycling and is a pretty bad a**  cycling chic.  If she's not cycling, she is running.  That chic likes to stay fit and stay healthy. 

It was killing her to not be able to go out and run or cycle.  She did good, constantly resting and icing her ankle although I know she dying inside not to be able to get out.  I had to threaten to have her tied down to the recliner on a few occasions in order not to go out before it was fully recovered.  I kept telling her she would be ok.  She had built a good base with her running and her longer runs and that doesn't go away overnight.  I knew she was wanting to go out for a run this week to test the ankle.  She went out last night and rode the bike for 31 miles, got back and she said the ankle felt fine.  With that being said I asked her if she wanted to go for an easy 3 miles this morning and of course she jumped at the opportunity.  It would be her first run since the ankle injury.  5AM and we were off.  We started off slow to test the ankle.  She said it was feeling good so we pushed a little faster.  Still no pain so we continued on.  Ended up finishing the 3 miles at a 9:30 pace.  That was a great run for her being off for 2 weeks.  She picked right back up where she left off, like she hadn't missed a step(told ya she was tough).

With the Indy Mini being her first 1/2 marathon I told her it will be a feeling like no other.  When she crosses the finish line, no matter what the time you can say, I JUST RAN 13.1 MILES!!  That is a feeling that can  never be taken away and is an accomplishment that not alot of people can say they have ever done.  You should be proud of yourself and how far you have come in your training in such a short period of time Christina.  I know Katie and I are.  Good luck at Indy Mini.  We know you are gonna kick it!!

Mike and Katie