Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marathon Man Mike Gets Chicked!!

Today was the day.  Indy 500 Mini Marathon.  It would be my first one ever and would be Katie's comeback race.  Katie hadn't ran in this race in 10 years and when she started her training backup in October she made this race her comeback race.  I was to start in Corral B and Katie in D.  I wanted to run with my awesome running buddy so I moved back to D to run with Katie.

It was a humid morning but it stayed dry.  Katie and I started out the run having to dodge and run around a lot of the slower runners in front of us which added a little mileage to our race.  We had a very fast first 5K time.  My first 5k time was a 22:02 for a 7:06 pace.  Katie's first 5k time was 22:02 for a 7:06 pace.  Dead even the first 5k.  As we entered the track the heat was starting to effect me a little bit but Katie showed no signs of being tired.  She was totally kicking butt.  This was her comeback race and she was making a comeback in a big way.  Her goal was to beat her PR from 10 years ago of 1:49.  I wasn't telling her our pace throughout the race but she would ask me if were doing ok and I would say yes but we need to keep it going.  She was wanting below an 8 minute mile.  I looked down at my watch as we crossed the Yard of Bricks at almost mile 8. My time at this point was a 56:50 for a 7:06 pace.  Katie's time at this point was a 56:50 for a 7:06 pace.  We were still tied.  I showed no signs of losing her.  She was just too fast.  It was really all I could do at this point to stay up with her.  I felt like I was slowing her down.  She was getting stronger and I was starting to get tired.  At the mile 11 marker I slowed even more.  My 11 mile time was a 1:22:57 for a 7:32 pace.  Katie's time at this point was a 1:22:44 for a 7:31 pace.  As you could see I was starting to fade fast.  I was fading and she was getting stronger.  I tried to maintain her in my sights but by mile 12 she had totally disappeared.  I was done.  Katie finished the race with a 1:39:13 for a 7:34 pace.  My time was a 1:40:36. 

I GOT CHICKED!!  I got smoked and smoked bad.  She was strong at the end and I was weak!!  She handed it to me today and I couldn't be prouder.  What a comeback.  10 years off and she came back in a big way with a PR by 10 minutes. Way to go Katie.  You are my hero!!  I run with fast women!! I wish I could run like a girl!!