Wednesday, May 23, 2012

JK is making a come back!!

Got a hold of my old friend Jerrad tonight to see if he would be up for a run.  Jerrad has been getting back into running since a long layoff.  His last 5 K race was in High School in 1989.  That is all about to change in a couple of weeks as he competes in his first 5 K race in 23 years.  Jerrad was a running machine in High School taking first place in most of his races.  He even ran the 5 K in High School in a little over 16 minutes.  That's just crazy fast!!  I know I could never stay up with him then.  By the time I would blink he had already made a lap around the track.  I was a High Jumper in High School.  That usually consisted of me jumping some and laying on the High Jump mat at other times watching the runners speed around the track.  I always watched Jerrad speed around the track like a bolt of lightning. 

Jerrad and I have been good friends for a long time and go all the way back before High School.  Before running we had bowling.  Yes I was a bowler at one time.  Jerrad and I were addicted to bowling sometimes bowling in 4-5 leagues a week.  About how I am with my running now.  We were on junior bowling teams together as well as adult teams.  We went to several bowling tournaments together.  Boy did we have our share of good times at the bowling tournaments.  We could tell you some stories but we will save that for another time.  We have always been competitive.  Jerrad will always tell you he was the first one of us to bowl a 700 series but I still tell him my 700 series was higher!! 

Jerrad has been slowly getting back to his running training and has been doing quite well.  So well that I convinced him to sign up for the Covington 5K on June 2nd.  That will be Jerrad's long awaited comeback race.  23 years in the making.  We were talking tonight and you could hear the excitement in his voice.  It felt like he had never stopped running.  He was in tune and ready to run.  Still showing the old form he had in High School.  Just a couple more weeks buddy and your back!!  I'm proud of you Jerrad for making a comeback.  You're ready and you are going to do this!!  You've got this!!