Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guy Power!!

Was planning on 4-5 miles at the DePauw Nature Park tonight which is now my favorite place to run.  I made a post to our running club Facebook page to see if anyone wanted to join me.  It's OK to run alone, but it is much better running with buddies.  Was looking to do about an 8 minute mile which is a pretty aggressive pace for a trail run.  Ended up getting 2 takers.  Zac and Drew.  I have ran with these guys a few times before and they are good.  Zac was a track star in High School and has ran a Half Marathon in the 1:20's back in the day.  Drew is an awesome runner as well.  He is usually around a 7:20-7:30 mile for the longer runs.  This is also Drew's his favorite place to run. Looked like it was guy power tonight.

We started off the first mile strong.  Each one trying to one up the other one.  Must of been all that male testosterone flowing!!  First mile in and we are at a 7:38 pace.  Great, a little ahead of goal.  We now had a little coushion when we hit the killer hills.  We are feeling good so we continue to push, each one pushing the other one harder.  We do mile 2 at a blistering 6:36 pace!!  Wow, smoking up the trails!!  Feeling good but a lot of good hills coming up for mile 3.  We take the hills strong and aggressive.  We don't back down and bust out the hill filled mile at an 8:02 pace which is our slowest mile.  Still feeling good we finish the last 1.65 miles at a 7:12 pace.  Overall run of 4.65 miles for a blistering 7:21 pace and almost 500 ft of elevation.  Who says you can't have speed on the trails.  I think they are still on fire!! Awesome run guys.  GUY POWER!!