Saturday, May 5, 2012

Greencastle Gang Makes It On TV!!

Indy Mini.  The Half Marathon of all Half Marathons.  It is the largest half marathon in the US.  A little over 30,000 runners/walkers participate in this event.  It is a very flat course, perfect for first timers.  It's flat and fast with a 2.5 mile lap around the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The Greencastle Gang had been looking forward to this race for a while.  A big majority of the group would be participating in this race which made for lots of fun and lots of pictures.  The Greencastle Gang always has lots of fun at these races.  Becky really makes it fun with her awesome attitude about being Heart Healthy!!  That's why we run.  To stay in shape and stay heart healthy.  The morning started off with us leaving the house at 5 am.  Needed to be to Indy in plenty of time to get in our corrals and have some fun before doing it.  While we were waiting to get in our corrals Becky gets the attention of WISH TV News 8 and before you know it, WE ARE ON TV!!!  Check out the Video at the 2:35 mark!!  Anyone want an autograph.  We're famous!!  Becky also got interviewed by FOX 59 News.  Here is the link to her interview on Fox 59 before the race.

We had some pretty humid temperatures to battle throughout the race however it was a great race.  We had a lot of fun with plenty of pictures.  Staying Heart Healthy and having fun doing it with my buddies.  I got Chicked, there were PR's, first timers and multiple timers.  That's what it's all about.  Staying Heart Healthy and having fun doing it.  Awesome job today everyone.  You all rocked and I'm proud of you all.