Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun with Friends

OK, Today was not about getting my run in although I did go for a early bird 1 miler this morning.  It was about getting some carbs before the Indy Mini Marathon on Saturday.  We had set up to meet at Becky's house for a pre race carb dinner of pasta and fun.  Several of my running buddies were going to be there for a night of fun and good times.  We had even planned on eating pasta without forks.  What could be more fun.  We had a good mix of pasta, bread, and deserts(yes we like the deserts too).  Looking forward to the Expo on Friday with you all and running in the Indy Mini on Saturday with my running buddies.  Although they are calling for extremely hot temperatures that won't be able to put a damper on fun with friends.  That's what it's all about.  Having fun and getting to run with my best buddies ever.  Good luck to you all on Saturday.  Lets do this!!