Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trails vs Road

Today brought upon us perfect temperatures and a perfect day to run.  Unfortunately Katie and I couldn't coordinate our schedules to run together today so we would have to go at it alone.  Katie decided to sneak in 8 miles worth of trails at the DePauw Nature Park after she got off work and before picking up her kids from daycare.  I know this is what she loves and is one of her favorite placed to run, relax and just enjoy nature (I'll have to admit it is a very nice place to run even though I don't prefer trails).  She gets me to run out there sometimes with her but I know she enjoys her time out there (and being able to kick my butt there).  It is very peaceful and very beautiful there.  She was looking to do some hill workouts there tonight and hills she did.  She was all over that nature park, which her Run keeper map indicated (of course you know I gotta keep an eye on her while she is running even when I'm not there).  She had a crazy map filled with elevation.  I know she was excited about it when she was done.  She had a new PR record for biggest elevation for a run of 891 ft!!  That is some serious elevation out at the nature park especially for an 8 mile run.  I would have been dying if I'd had done that with her and she knows it.  She finished her run at an 8:37 pace for the 8 miles.  Really impressive considering all the hills.  She would have had to come back to me and then run circles around me while I finished up that course.  She is such a running inspiration to me and makes me work even harder.

I had to do 9 miles tonight and I knew Katie would be watching my run just as I had watched hers on Run keeper (I know, we're run nerds, what do you expect).  I knew I had to post something impressive when it came to my workout tonight.  I was going to run from my house out to the sports park where the girls were having softball practice.  I got home from work, rushed into my running gear including my Garmin 410 which I love and was off.  My favorite place to run,  flat roads!!  I took a couple loops around the neighborhood and headed out to the Sports Park on the People Pathways route.  The first 2 miles felt great as I pushed the pace it was under 7 minutes per mile.  I continued to push and continued to feel great as I made my way out to the sports park.  I was still maintaining right at 7 minutes per mile coming up on mile 4.5.  Not feeling the least bit tired I pressed on with my workout.  At mile 8 I realize I had just done 8 miles in 56 minutes which was a PR for me for 8 miles.  I had only ever done 8 miles in under 1 hour one other time and that was at Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon where I still hold my PR for the Half Marathon of 1:38.  I couldn't believe how good I was feeling tonight. I flew around the Sports Park lap after lap until my 9 miles were in getting run tagged in the process (a game we play when we see a fellow runner running) by Christina(one of my running buddies) who was out there for her daughters softball game. I stopped my Garmin and had finished my 9.06 miles in 1:04:51 for a 7:10 per mile pace.  That pace would have put me finishing a half marathon in 1:32 crushing my PR.  With the Indy Mini fast approaching this run gave me the confidence I needed to hopefully be able to perform well at this race.  I felt strong at the end.  Could have kept going at that pace tonight.  I settled into a groove and didn't hold back.  It felt great and just the thought of knowing Katie was watching gave me the extra motivation I needed to pull off a good workout tonight.  Even when we don't run together we know we are running together just knowing the other one has each others back gives us the motivation we need to press on and train hard.

Katie said how she was impressed by my time but was the first to tell me that her elevation on her run was 600 ft more than mine (we are always the competitors).  So, I say we call it a tie.  Both had great workouts and PR's  leading up to the Indy mini.  14 mile training run scheduled on Friday in which we plan on running together.  I look forward to all my runs with Katie but especially my longer ones (gives us more time to talk about running).  I'm scheduled to start from corral B in Indy Mini and Katie in D with a lot of our running friends starting in D as well.  I said to myself the heck with B.  I'm moving back to D.  B will be there another year.  There is nothing better than being with friends and that is exactly what I plan on doing come Mini.  Start with my friends and my awesome run bud Katie who keeps me motivated and keeps me strong.  Friends are what it's all about. I am very lucky to have my best friend in Katie.  We got this!!