Friday, April 20, 2012

Cataract Falls Review

Today we went on our first field trip to Cataract Falls.  Upon entering the park which we did not need to pay(today at least) was a parking lot.  You can get right out of your car and view the breathtaking upper falls and covered bridge. There is also a small path you can take to walk right next to the upper falls. The path is really not meant to run on and is rather rugged.  You can get right up close to the falls and enjoy the mist from the falls.

We then decided to get back in the car and took a tour of the park.  This led us to the lower falls.  This is where all the fishermen were getting ready for their day.  Some in waders in the water already enjoying the perfect weather.  Now we were ready to run. We just needed to find a trail.  First we encountered paved road with debris for a short 1/4 mile section which led us to regular paved roads.  We took the paved road back to the upper falls where we entered the trail.

Upon entering the trail we could see the scenic views of the waterfall on one side and wooded forest on the other. There were several different heights of logs to jump over or limbo under depending on your height.  There was some nice steep elevation and roots.  It was mostly single track trail however not overgrown and easily accessible however the trail was not very long.  Our estimation only about 1/2 mile long.  Upon exiting the trail we came across more paved roads. 
There were 2 sections of paved roads.  One which led to the picnic area and the other from the upper falls to the lower falls.  There was some nice elevation from the lower falls to the upper falls portion.  This is definitely a park you can not get lost in.

Overall it is a very scenic park but on the smaller side.  It is good for road repeats but not for trails.  We would highly recommend it for walking, relaxed run, or just a fun day with the kids but wouldn't recommend it for the intense trail runner or for your long run. 

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Happy Trails,

Mike and Katie